Intention. I intend to have more of it this year. It’s my resolution, if you will.

I intend to keep the house clean, more freezer meals on hand and to grow a large garden.

Who am I kidding?

I do, however, intend to be more intentional with my time so I can be more prepared and less flustered by the unexpected.

Then I can strip away some anxiety and be more intentional about building a few hobbies that make me a happier, less snippy person. (My husband thinks this a great idea.)

I also intend to be more intentional in my relationship with God. I have no doubts that moving to the farm has been the right thing for my family. However, I’m still struggling to find my niche. I have a feeling He has some ideas of what I should do, if I would just be intentional in listening to what He has to say.

Intentions, though, are tricky. There’s a reason why people, myself included, say, “I had the best of intentions,” and trail off. I occasionally, ahem, often, forget to send timely thank you notes and to call old friends more often. And I’m just plain willful when it comes to not cleaning.

So I will be intentional in seeking encouraging environments that empower me to make sure that the best of my intentions don’t remain as just intentions.

*I intend to accomplish some of the above.



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