Yep, tonight’s horizon encapsulated how I felt at the end of the IF: Gathering 2016 this afternoon.

What an encouraging and challenging two days that highlight the love of God and the love of others. I only went to two sessions, and boy, do I wish I had gone to all four main sessions.

One of my intentions for 2016 has been to be more intentional in my building of a relationship with God. And the gathering provided an avenue for that.

Vulnerability is not my strong suit. And I admitted to myself today that I’ve been putting a facade not only over my life to control how others see it but also to control how God sees it. (Silly, right. He already knows everything.) Today, that peeled back some and I felt lighter, happier and honest for the first time in a while. Whew.

One of the gathering speakers focused on whether we have heard God call our name and the personal nature of His relationship with people.

I’m trying to hear him. I’m desperately trying to hear Him call my name. I’m tired of trying to figure out this life on my own and being too stubborn to admit it’s over my head.

I’ve appreciated His work. I’ve admired people whose lives center on Him. I have also questioned if He is who He says He is and has done what He says He has despite moments when I have felt his presence beside me.

Today, though, I (hope) I stopped ignoring Him.

I hear You, I said aloud on my drive home. I hear You. And I’ll try to stop ignoring You.


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