Pack one bag, which has enough room in it for two extra pairs of shoes, you know, in case you want options … unlike all those times you wear muck boots because there was room for one pair of shoes and they’re the most practical when you want to snowshoe and brewery hop (not taking any diapers to make room for more shoes just wasn’t a great option even though you thought about it).

Stop half an hour down the road for a bathroom break just because you can. Repeat … unlike that time Squidget was asleep and you drove for three hours and finally pulled over on the side of the road because you didn’t want to wake her up by taking her out of her car seat but you also didn’t want to pee your pants (who cares if three cars passed you with your britches down).

There’s no portable crib to bring, so don’t feel guilty for taking up space in the car with your camera, several lenses and tripod. After all that, your suitcase, a cooler and your winter boots, you still have space, so heck, throw in your monopod too.

Then don’t feel guilty when you stop to photograph a random field, a cloud, a patch of snow, a mountain, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Also, take as much time as you like photographing any of the aforementioned things … unlike all the times you see a spectacular view but Squidget is asleep and you and the hubby get in a row because he refuses to stop.

Check to make sure you, and only you, have everything … unlike that time you left Squidget’s favorite stuffed animal in the airport or you searched for 30 minutes for her shoes (which appeared to have vanished into thin air but turned up in her cousin’s leggings drawer later).

Enjoy driving with two hands. Or driving with one and holding a mug of coffee in the other. Or changing the radio station. Or scratching your nose … unlike all those times you drive with one arm twisted behind you, trying to comfort Squidget as she screams (like that time she woke up in a fury two minutes after you got gridlocked in Seattle rush-hour traffic).

Once you’re headed home again, be careful not to speed (even though this is impossible because you are so excited to see Squidget).





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