Branding, seeding and rain.

And these in my dryer, and entryway, and shower.


Yep, it’s official, spring is really here and busy season is back, starting with seeding pulses (peas, lentils and chick peas).

We’ve been spoiled with a lull between calving season and the start of seeding, but the past few days have been fast and furious to get as much seed in the ground as efficiently as possible.

Of course, some of this happens, too, just to keep everyone busy …


These are peas in the back of the truck waiting to go up the auger into the drill.





There’s also a lot of driving and shuffling equipment from one place to another.

The fields with pulses planted in them are also being packed so that rocks are less likely to get in the combine header during harvest.


And luckily, there’s been some of this …


Once the pulses are in, it will be time for spring wheat (and hopefully more rain).



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