In the good-ole days, bulls had more fun.

Today’s hi-tech world, though, means that they just get cleanup duties.

I had been around for some of the prep work that goes into making sure the cows are in heat, but I had never seen the actual artificial insemination process.

Basically, the semen is ordered and arrives on dry ice. Small tubes of semen are thawed immediately before use and placed in a larger tube, which is used for the injection part. (What? You wanted the technical explanation? Well, that’s it, sort of.)

It all looks something like this:

Cows_Chute_2 Cows_Chute_1 Cow_BarsSemen_IceCut_TubeSemen_Tube


Amy_TubeLadies_WorkAnd starting next January, we’ll have these:

Curious calf

Bada bing, bada boom.







4 thoughts on “Knocked Up

  1. now I know the rest of the story. I was wondering who the hands belonged to?? Nephew Dale.
    Thanks , Alice I enjoyed it .


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