It’s raining, it’s pouring!

According to NOAA,

A record rainfall of 0.65 inches was set at Great Falls MT yesterday. This breaks the old record of 0.59 set in 1895.

Havre also came close to a new record yesterday, with 0.71 inches falling compared to the historical mark of 0.78.

Our rain gauge said 3 inches for the week. Some of it was snow. There are puddles. Ponds are overflowing. And rain is still falling.

The gauge is still below this time last year, but we’re catching up fast.

The moisture is welcome as a general rule in an area reliant on dry land farming practices because of the historical lack of precipitation.

For me, the rain is hope for a better year.

Last June, we moved back to the farm. The drought and a massive hail storm decided they wanted to spend time here too. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best crop.

A lot can change between now and harvest, but for now, I’ll allow myself a glimmer of hope, no matter how short-lived it might be.





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