Gone are the days of teams and plows. Tractors have air conditioning, radios and auto steer.

Sometimes, though, you’ve just got to get down in the dirt. Like this week when we picked rye.

It was easy to spot and easy to pull, both thanks to a rainy spring.


Typically, we (and by we I mean Jared and his brother) would spray to kill the weeds, but these were special circumstances.

A dip in wheat prices and a push for pulses (lentils, dry peas, chickpeas, beans) during the International Year of Pulses, inspired us to diversify even more than in years past.

But the patches of rye threatened to potentially contaminate the lentils that are intended to sell as seed for a higher price.

Hence the rye pulling.

As I was tugging, I couldn’t help but think about a parallel of the same day from bible study — forgiveness. How it’s hard to give but it’s critical we do. How it’s hard to pull the weeds of resentment and bitterness from our hearts that come when we don’t give it. How, once done, it relieves a worrisome burden and improves not only our relationships with those around us but also with God.

But as usual, knowing and doing are two different things.

Just ask my husband, I struggle to weed out hurts before they become grudges.

Thanks, by the way, God, for the reinforcement in field of Your earlier lesson. Sorry, I can’t apply it universally yet. It’s easier to just pull rye.


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