Once, what feels like years ago, it was hay season.

This is me finally catching up on photos and blogging instead of cleaning the basement for harvest help to live in for the next three, four, five, maybe more weeks.

As usual, #thisoldfarmhouse struck again when I decided to tear out the old carpet and replace it with the water-resistant variety. All I wanted to do was get rid of the musty smell. Turns out, when carpet is 50 years old and was unrolled over saline seep, you find all sorts of interesting stuff underneath it, and so began the week of mold killing and dehumidifying.

So, yeah, blogging sounded better than another round of bleach.

Usually, the guys put up about 500 round bales to feed cows for the winter and provide some cushion for drought years.

Last year, it was dry enough that they only put up about 50 bales and my father-in-law spent the winter twitching every time his reserve stacks got lower.

This year has been wet, so they put up more than normal, at 850ish.

All those bales made for a perfect Squidget-on-the-farm photo shoot.

In preparation, I gave Squidget M&Ms to convince her to leave on her tutu and we headed north to the field. She was throwing a temper tantrum at the very moment I snapped this picture because I made her get out of the truck … Or she was showing off her sassy, independent self — the perfect pairing with the open fields.

Kintla_Tutu_Road (1 of 1)


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