After a full week of harvesting in full swing, rain hit (that’s why I have time to catch up here).

FB_IMG_1469636191150 FB_IMG_1469636201479

While the break is nice, it came at the cost of some of our pulse crops likely shelling out on the ground before we could harvest them. We’ll see when we head back north this afternoon.

Peas and lentils are worth more than wheat (especially with today’s low prices) but they weren’t ripe yet last Tuesday, so we started with winter wheat and then hopped to peas, then back to wheat, then to peas yesterday afternoon before the storm hit.

The wheat was tough the first day because of dew, so we gave up until after a picnic lunch. From there it was slow going and all working out kinks.

About the time we hit our stride, equipment started breaking down, so we had more kinks to work out. By the time we got those squared away, the rain hit.

The field we were in should be dried out enough to roll again this afternoon. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the first week.

FB_IMG_1469636308518 FB_IMG_1469636298826 FB_IMG_1469636288922 FB_IMG_1469636279621 FB_IMG_1469636262020 FB_IMG_1469636253350 FB_IMG_1469636244081 FB_IMG_1469636234468 FB_IMG_1469636226262 FB_IMG_1469636214203

HarvestTruck2_2016 (1 of 1) HarvestTruck1_2016 (1 of 1)

Posts will probably be few and far in between until harvest is finished (likely a few weeks). Daily pictures, though will be on Instagram: @harvestlife_mt!

If you’re in the field, happy and safe harvesting!




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