Things change quickly around here, including what needs to be done at any given minute.

Because of the fast pace, you often get thrown into new situations without much training.

You’ll figure it out, the guys say while my sister-in-law and I roll our eyes.

For example: I’ve recently graduated from driving the tandem truck to a semi, or in reality, the guy who usually drives the third semi left for a few days and the yield was high enough that they needed all the semis running.

This was the result the second day when I turned too sharply to line up with the auger … and it happened directly next to the main drag so everyone else hauling wheat got a front-row seat to my embarrassment. (Hence why I’m posting it here; everyone’s seen it already anyway.)


Surprisingly, I was more upset about it than my brother-in-law. A wrench fixed the tarp holder on the truck. The stairs still don’t look so good but no one’s fallen through yet.

Then, when all the guys were helping to fight a fire and not answering their phones, I realized wheat was pouring out the side of the bin in which I was dumping.

Jared’s grandpa happened to drop by to see what I was up to after I stopped it with duct tape. (Duct tape fixes everything, right?)

Do I keep dumping, I asked him, mildly panicked.

Go ahead, I’ll just add more tape, he said coolly.

Sure enough, it worked and I’m still shaking my head in amazement that somehow, with all the things that go wrong and don’t work properly, we manage to harvest at all.





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