I wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge just to say I had been. I had no idea that a fort existed at its foot, or that there was a huge park, or that it would be so fun to photograph during our recent visit.

Not only did the rain showers hold off for our exploration, but we saw a rainbow — the fourth one of the day!

We also had a blast exploring Napa and Sonoma.

Then, we left the sunshine behind and drove into Tahoe … in a white-out blizzard. I was too busy praying for safety to take any pictures of that!

asherbay1 (1 of 1)boatrainbow (1 of 1)bridgeflag (1 of 1)bridgepiers (1 of 1)bridgewave (1 of 1)chain1 (1 of 1)chain2 (1 of 1)forthallway (1 of 1)fortstairs (1 of 1)GoldenGateFlowers (1 of 1)KidsSunset (1 of 1)seagull (1 of 1)wine+puzzle (1 of 1)



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