This weekend, I took off into new-to-me country to take some pictures around a friend’s farm/ranch. The tractor was getting fixed, so the plan morphed to taking some landscape pictures. Seriously looking forward to heading north again during harvest to get some action pictures!

These kinds of pictures are my favorites. Agriculture and the people behind it continue to amaze me. I love telling the story of what they do and their tie to the land that inspires them to do it.

We went to the old homestead and some of the glass windows were still in place. At one time, the homeowners would look out the window at a field. Now, looking in, the encroaching grass was reflected in the window to an empty house. The land remains, and the people remain, but both have changed.


JohnsonRanch_Homestead2 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Homestead3 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Homestead4 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Piano1 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Lathe1 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Bin2 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Bin1 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_Truck1 (1 of 1)JohnsonRanch_WindowSill (1 of 1)


3 thoughts on “New Road and an Old Homestead

      1. I took over 300 pictures at the rodeo today and did not take pictures of all of the events! I will probably get 100 keepers and another 20 may make it to glass sometime down the road. Plus there were two places that I wanted to stop at on the way home, but knew I was pushing my luck, so I didn’t ask DH to pull over.


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