Slow Season

After another early snow I thought we would miss autumn altogether this year, and it left me feeling frantic. The weather was symbolic for life. Usually the fall is more easy-going, a welcome reprieve from harvest pressure. This year, though, fieldwork continued longer than usual, and I found myself in the middle of helping with some intense projects and saying yes to more projects right in the middle.

All of a sudden I was looking at weeks of not doing things that are important to me because of busy work that really has no bearing on what my priorities are these days.

So I did something unusual. I said no. I finished what I had started and backed out of what I hadn’t gotten going on yet. And then I did something even more unusual — I set a goal of no new commitments through at least the New Year.

That freed me up to do things like go on a drive about with my camera last night.

This church sits north of town and I’ve been trying to make it back to it since taking some family portraits there a few weeks ago. All the windows are gone, except for some shattered glass on the ground, but with a sunset like this one, Mother Nature made her own stained glass.

The half hour I spent there was full of beauty and inspiration and confirmation that this autumn needs to be a season of filling my cup.

StahmenChurch9_Oct2018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset7_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset6_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset5_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset4_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset3_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChuchSunset2_Oct182018 (1 of 1)StahmenChurch10_Oct2018 (1 of 1)StahmenChurch11_Oct2018 (1 of 1)StahmenChurch12_Oct2018 (1 of 1)