Ah, there you are, Winter.

After a string of unseasonably warm and pleasant days that almost had us tricked into thinking we imagined last Winter’s bluster, she’s back.

Took her long enough, too, considering calves have been dropping the past few days, and usually that means nasty weather.

Two to four inches of snow is the scuttlebutt.

Whatever we get we’ll take for moisture our crops will tap into in the spring. In the meantime, burr!

Not that it hasn’t been cold at night. The temperature difference between the calving barn and the air has been enough to create ice crystals on the window. The impending snow forecast spurred me to take a few pictures of it last night. Not that I won’t have plenty of opportunity throughout the winter, but watching the snow swirl outside is making me glad I didn’t procrastinate any longer!

icewindow4_jan2019 (1 of 1)icewindow3_jan2019 (1 of 1)icewindow2_jan2019 (1 of 1)icewindow_jan2019 (1 of 1)