Is it camping season yet?

Mother Nature seems determined to keep us from breaking out the tent. I know, it’s a weak excuse to you four-season campers, but we’re fair weather folk and snow just doesn’t float our boats unless there’s enough to ski.

Sure is pretty, though, especially on all the green foliage.

SpringSnow1_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow2_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow3_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow4_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow5_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow6_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow7_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow8_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow9_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow10_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow11_2019 (1 of 1)SpringSnow13_2019 (1 of 1)



Packing around two kids means that my camera has become an afterthought but I spent the morning clearing off my card. Here you go: some pictures of the prairie and the mountains.

RockView2 (1 of 1)RockView1 (1 of 1)MDayHike2019_Birch (1 of 1)MDayHike2019_Water2 (1 of 1)MDayHike2019_Bud (1 of 1)MDayHike2019_Water1 (1 of 1)